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paradise-of-darkness said: I'm down for some Raditz chat! What do you think of his relationship with Vegeta and Nappa, canon and not cannon! Like to hear both if you have different views.

Someone to talk Raditz with?!


Oh get ready for this!

So I’ve had this headcanon that Vegeta and Raditz were the equivalent of second cousins, and Nappa was that drunk uncle who has to sit at the kid’s table at family gatherings because he never learned not to burp at the table.  Raditz got all the ladies because he was tall and had the great hair, and Vegeta couldn’t stand it because he was stronger and didn’t the universe realize he was the prince?!  When the three would hit up bars in between trips, Nappa and Raditz would get hella drunk, sing drinking songs and once Nappa passed out in his own vomit Raditz would immediately swoop in on any woman Vegeta looked at just for the hell of it.  Vegeta seethed, had another beer, and beat the shit out of him the next day in training.

(Correlating headcanon - starting bar fights and/or being aggressive while on shore leave was heavily frowned upon by Frieza’s organization because it’s bad for business.  And frankly, when Frieza is pissed you get the really awful assignments - like the planet that smells like sulfur so strongly your eyes burn).

Nappa and Raditz got on fair enough, they weren’t super close but they could enjoy the simple things in life - beers, broads, and food.  

Vegeta and Raditz spent entirely too much time together as kids/teens.  Their rivalry was pretty much like most siblings in the beginning.  Then Vegeta was put in charge of their squad and the added dimension of authority kind of turned the rivalry into something really dark and sadistic on Vegeta’s part.  I think this would explain why Nappa wants to resurrect Raditz but Vegeta is happy to let him stay dead.  It means he won in the end (and at this point I think Vegeta had suffered a serious break with reality - he’s like half as coherent as he is in like the Buu saga).

And then… I have the total AU headcanon!

Raditz is wished back to life in a poorly worded wish post Namek in order to reinstate the East City that Nappa destroyed (“Bring back all the people killed by the Saiyans” - and up pops Raditz - killed by Kakarot).  Anyway, he ends up living in the desert as a bandit king and hangs out with Vegeta from time to time.  Meaning the two get utterly wasted, see who can take a bare knuckle, suppressed ki punch in the face more like a man.  He teaches Goten how to get a woman and is ridiculously protective of Bra.  He’s like the anti-Piccolo - you never want to leave your kid with him.  Your kid will come home with a face tattoo.

frostbite883 said: In three words, how would you describe Raditz?


-Vain, overconfident, potential

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Oh, this is much better. Costume’s a bit much… so tight. But the confidence, I can feel the righteousness surging. Hey, you wanna have a rousing discussion about truth, honor, patriotism? God bless America—

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